BirdRes Technologies offers retailers the opportunity to provide their customers on the spot information for booking and sale of low cost and carriers first class carriers, Indian rail, visa information and the opportunity to increase their business and revenue opportunities. Retail chains can expand their revenue opportunities by providing their customers products like Indian Rail, full service and low cost carriers, information on movies and visa services.


Both full service and low cost airlines are available in Birdres.com for booking and sales.

Introducing BirdRes Point of Sale
The brand new innovative BirdRes Point of Sale handheld wireless device offers you a secure and sophisticated solution for selling travel content and more anytime, anywhere! An impressive array of advanced booking and payment features along with powerful processing capabilities make the BirdRes POS an ideal platform for
on-the-go transactions. The device enables retailers and travel agencies to bring their products and servicesdirectly to customers

Special features of the device:
Indian Rail tickets can be issued

Users can check availability, Fares, Train Routes

Tatkal tickets can be issued

Senior Citizen Tickets can be issued

Users can cancel the Indian Rail tickets – Partially or Full ticket
PNR status can be checked
Credit Limit can be deposited with BirdRes
Indian Rail authorization is provided to the agents
Users can check available credit limit
Extensive MIS is available on the website
Tickets issued through Handheld Device are valid and authorised to travel
Tickets issued through Handheld Device can be cancelled on BirdRes.com website
Areas of Application
Sports arena
Shopping Malls
Railway Stations
Even at Customer's front door
SMS solutions (Travel Agents)
SMS solutions deliver travel information on mobile phones.
e-Ticket numbers
Airline record locators
Travel Insurance Policy Number
Hotel Information and automatic alerts whenever there is a time change on a flight segments

Travel Agents can generate the SMS using their own branding and travel agency name