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Dial-e-Ticket Solution
  • Travel Agents can get e-tickets issued anytime anywhere
  • Full security to prevent misuse and automatic e-mail notification to concerned authorities

Profile Creator
  • A graphical application designed to import & export Profile data and provide statistics to Corporate clients
  • Following pre-defined criteria (Employee personal Information, Residential address details ,Business details , Emergency contact, Passport details, Travel arranger details, Credit card details, Visa details, Frequent flyer information, Seat & meal information,Preffered hotel, Hotel membership Information, Car information, Insurance Information, Billing and delivery details.), Customer profiles can be created with no manual intervention to ensure streamlines sales process and synchronized profiles.

Web Interface for Ticket Limits (TQS)
  • A first of its kind web based tool to enable airlines to update the agency ticket limits
  • Can be used by GDS offices to reduce manual efforts & omissions
  • Request enabled through Email & SMS
  • Automated notification to user in Queues

  • With the help of this product travel agent will be able to get the GDS entries, which are similar to Galileo entries.
  • It is a windows based application, which can convert the command of one CRS to the other
  • The commands can also be transmitted to the GDS System
  • This product helps the travel agency staffs who have recently started working on the GDS system
  • It reduces training time and allows the new staff to adapt fast to working on GDS
  • The product also has an inbuilt QRG.
  • With the help of this product travel agent will be able to get the GDS entries, which are similar to Galileo entries.
Advantages/Key Value
  • Graphical & easy to use
  • Fast, Efficient & Time saving
  • No need to type the GDS entry on the system, switch automatically sends entry on the system by clicking send option.
  • Indirect Cost saving by no manual intervention

My Ticket Planner
An automated solution to provide itinerary and fare details to a passenger, before issuing an E-ticket. The script captures all the information from a PNR and exports it into an excel sheet

BirdRes Itinerary
View your Travel Itinerary Online

Automated Itinerary Generation

With BirdRes Itinerary you can quickly and efficiently create a well-designed informative itinerary Fully Web based, BirdRes Itinerary simply makes itinerary management quick, smart and hassle-free.

Agency Branding
It allows you to incorporate your agency's logo and remarks into the itinerary and e-ticket template, making sure your agency's brand is always displayed to your customers.

Archive all your itineraries and easy retrieval
The tool's built-in archive feature enables you to search for saved itineraries by passenger name, PNR or ticket number.

Customization of Displayed Information
It allows you to choose to display or hide the information required to be shown to your passengers.

  • Transit points and duration
  • Aircraft Type
  • Frequent flyer number
  • E-ticket number
  • Status of the segment
  • No. of Stops
  • Ancillary service e.g. baggage, meals, and seats
  • Airline cabin class
  • Agency, consultant and itinerary-specific remarks
  • Insert Remarks
  • Hide Basic or detailed fare information in e-ticket receipt
  • Edit RBD for cabin class
  • Edit Ancillary service e.g. baggage, meals, and seats
Get connected with BirdRes Itinerary through Smart Tab on Selling Platform

SMS Solutions
Smart SMS
A customized solution to send flight information to the passengers through SMS

This application allows the Amadeus Users to send:
  • Ticket Number
  • Insurance information i.e. Duration of policy, Plan Name, Provider Name, Zone, Policy Number and Total Amount to passenger associate
  • Amadeus PNR and Airline PNR
  • Departure Terminal Information
  • Itinerary segment and passenger association
Branded SMS Agents can personalize the service of Smart SMS with individual company's branding

Various Automated Reports
A report containing all E-ticket coupon & status information Consolidated view with no need to move other GDS screens. You can improve customer service by providing detailed reports to your corporate clients It helps in refund process of E-tickets Since TC will be able to identify No shows in the same BSP reporting cycle, they can claim taxes with other refundable charges in advance.

BSP ATSR With All Transaction
This solution is for Travel Agents to track the number of tickets issued in an Office Id along with their ticket and all the necessary fields are captured from the Item of Transaction Report and the PNR in Amadeus Selling Platform and transferred into an excel sheet.

Key Feature
  • Reports for Non-IATA Airlines (Kingfisher - IT)
  • Details of Cancelled tickets
  • Refunded fare and tax can be calculated in no time
  • Track of cancelled/void/refund dates
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Time Saving and improves efficiency
  • No manual entries to be performed
  • Multiple Office Id selection
Dial-e-Ticket Solution
Profile Creator
Web Interface for Ticket Limits (TQS)
My Ticket Planner
BirdRes Itinerary
SMS Solutions
Various Automated Reports