Travel Partner

Travel Partner can use birdres.com to sell Indian Rail, full service & low cost carriers, hotels, movies and much more. Coming up is more indigenous content.

The provider companies like airlines can use AIRS, PNR Quality Check Solution, Schedule Change Alerts on SMS and much more.
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An advanced & cost-effective online Corporate Self Booking Tool called BirdRes SBT is a web based solution intended for Corporates who expect their Travel Management company to provide them with tools to control their Travel Cost.
Other Solutions

Take a look at other Bird Solutions that can help your business grow. 
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Backoffice Product

Backoffice product which provides travel agency with accuracy, comprehensive reporting, analysis of complete customer and passenger profiles, quick inventory and document handling.

Imagine if at the click of a button and from a single location this product reduces operations, consolidates and extensive data entry. Application can be connected via the World Wide Web.

Anywhere, Anytime

Welcome to CashX a complete web based business accounting software convenient for MID and Backoffice operations.

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