Airline Inventory Revenue Management System (AIRS)
AIRS (Airline Inventory Revenue Management System) is a revolutionary hosting system for low cost carriers, AIRS assists airlines to effectively market their product and economically control their inventory. A new generation technology designed and built to sell low cost carrier’s seats and services in a different, simpler and more effective way. AIRS is a new way to address Low Cost Carriers. Search flights by schedules and then by fares. You can sell, price and book, apart from modifying the bookings.

You can check Real Time fares & availability, last available fare and seat information.
Airline record locator returned.

AIRS Modules include

  • Flight Application
  • Inventory & Fares
  • ATO/CTO Module
  • Internet Booking Engine
  • Departure Control System
  • Revenue Accounting
  • MIS Reports
  • Web Services
  • Loyalty Program Module
  • Baggage Reconciliation System
  • Integration to Kiosk’s
  • Mobile Check-in
  • SMS interface
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Multiple Forms of payment
  • Integration to payment gateways
  • SITA certified DCS And many more...

About Airs

  • AIRS has been built upon a scalable enterprise level architecture with the strategy to provide an enhanced level of functionalities and modular integration as per growth plan and subsequent future requirements of the airlines
  • AIRS is a web based, user friendly solution which enables the users to work on a Graphical User Interface (mask) to thus eliminate/reduce training times and thus promoting speedy deployment
  • AIRS provides huge cost savings to airlines as compared to the traditional models by providing a PC based effective solution by ensuring savings on mainframe costs as well as legacy platforms and thus providing better return on investment

Key Benefits

  • Tremendous cost savings for an airline in areas of internal airline offices reservation automation.
  • Provides an enhanced level of functionalities integrated with the gradual growth and subsequent needs of the airline
  • Is a web based user-friendly solution, which facilitates the users to work on a Graphical User Interface (Mask)
  • Can be implemented the same day at multiple locations and new locations can be added easily without implementation timeframe delays
  • Can be further customized as per airline’s needs and requirements

Booking Builder Genie
Managing a travel agency is a complex business. You balance customer expectations with minimizing transaction costs, while maximizing preferred supplier revenue. For example, if an agent does not remember to give your VIP travelers what they need, you can lose a customer forever. Booking Builder Genie assures that you are getting the results and customer service you demand. Booking Builder Genie is your virtual supervisor.

Booking Builder Genie monitors GDS activity as well as Internet activity. Prompts can be triggered by GDS commands, GDS text, GDS results, webpage URLs, webpage text, date and time. Therefore, Booking Builder Genie can respond to Account Numbers/Codes, “VIP” in the profile, traveler’s name, supplier codes, rate codes, supplier names, cities, countries, mileage, dates, and keywords. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Booking Builder Genie lets you configure actions based upon activity in the GDS and online. One of the most powerful features is its ability to perform actions from message boxes. Website links can redirect agents to appropriate websites.

Buttons can be clicked that have actions tied to them to guide the agent to appropriate selling channels as in the example to the bottom-left. The software can open outside applications such as Word or Outlook and send keystrokes to these programs. It greatly improves the workflow between applications on the agent’s desktop.

The software observes the work of the agent and provides reminders to help get the behaviour you demand. Whether the agent is working in the GDS or on the Internet, Booking Builder Genie can review their work and influence behavior. Booking Builder Genie is the most powerful tool available that puts the performance of your agents back in your hands. By prompting the agents to sell preferred suppliers at the quotation point, rather than after the sale, you have much more influence over the outcome of the transaction. By notifying the agent about preferences and policies at the time of the booking, higher compliance and satisfaction rates are assured. Take back control of your business with Booking Builder Genie.

SMS Solutions
The new “Smart SMS” product allows airlines to send

  • Ticket number
  • Insurance information i.e. Duration of policy , Plan Name , Provide Name, Zone , Policy Number and Total Amount to pax associate
  • Inclusion of GDS PNR and Airline PNR
  • Itinerary segment and pax association
  • Time saving and efficient

Schedule Change Alerts On SMS
A script based solution to automatically notify the passengers of any changes in their flight schedules.

PNR Quality Check Solution for Airlines
PNR Quality Checks are pre-defined checks to enable airlines to create quality compliant PNRs. There is tremendous work pressure that is faced by today’s travel professionals. Passengers not only expect a confirmed itinerary, but also want to be serviced the best possible way. They want a complete ‘service package’ that covers all their additional requirements such as meal, seat, reconfirmation, etc.

This service will enable the airline to check on all essential requirements of the PNR right at the time of booking. A proper implementation of this service will not only be beneficial for the airline, but would also ensure greater service standards for the airline customers. It helps create quality compliant reservations for valued customers thus ensuring minimum errors and maximum service to the traveler. It keeps agents away from missing out on any crucial data such as meal or seat request, frequent flier number, ticket numbers, passenger contact, etc.

  • Advance Seat Request
  • Advance Meal Request
  • Ticket numbers in the correct format
  • Inventory selling in the right access level
  • Local passenger contact at destination city
  • Mobile Phone Numbers
  • Passport Number
  • Hotel Confirmation Number
  • Frequent Flier Number
  • Unaccompanied Minor information

Detailed record of all PNRS will always be available with the airline. With optimum utilization and usage of the PNR QUALITY CHECK, the airline would be able to ensure greater satisfaction for your customers.


  • Advises correct formats of passing on information to the airlines
  • Reduces errors & rejects in the airline database, thus avoiding messages & calls from the airlines
  • Increases efficiently
  • Provides value added service
  • Reminds the user to update the passenger’s reservation with all the critical details
  • Innovative & User friendly
Booking Builder Genie
SMS Solutions
Schedule Change Alerts On SMS
PNR Quality Check Solution for Airlines